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To Teach. To Train. To Empower

With every workshop, information forum, counselling session, training session and speaking engagement we are building suicide safer communities. We are a Not For Profit offering Mental Health Education, Suicide Awareness and Intervention training as well as our Physical Focus program to address Mental Health through Boxing.  We offer fee for service counseling for youth, adults, families in-person and virtually.


We offer Individual one on one Counselling on a fee for service basis in Dufferin County. We assist in the connection of community members to the resources they need Contact us to make an appointment

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Physical Focus Program

Workshops & Training

We offer a unique approach to Mental Wellness through Boxing.  Our approach involves a physical focus for clients as they address their self care needs, gain focus and become empowered with confidence. Boxing can reduce stress,  relieve muscle tension and improve focus

We offer Workshops and Training in many areas of Mental Health. Our goal is to provide evidence informed suicide prevention and intervention training for everyone. Empowering people in our community to talk about Mental Health is always our focus.


Mental Health Resource Hub

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