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Edify in the Media

Edify Centre applies for Not For Profit status and town grant

January 11, 2024

The Edify Centre becoming a not-for-profit endeavour will likely improve its eligibility for a municipal monetary grant.

The hiccup in the process is that the centre is still waiting to obtain charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Sonia McDonald, a facilitator and counsellor at the Edify Centre on Broadway, asked Orangeville council for immediate financial assistance last November.

OPINION: Here’s what I learned about speaking with someone who’s thinking about suicide

September 30, 2020

September is suicide awareness and prevention month, and I was invited to sit in on a SAFETalk seminar at the Edify Centre in Orangeville. I learned about how to speak with someone who is contemplating ending their life.

Suicide Interventions: A conversation with Sonia McDonald

March 27, 2013

This conversation identifies “invitations” that may suggest a child or youth is considering suicide, this is followed by direction on what, and what not, to say to the young person.

Mental Health and Wellness is important everyday, the Edify Centre is here to help

January 26, 2022 

There is a mental health discussion going on today and it is more important than ever. Mental Health and Wellness are two important topics that should be a priority for all of us, everyday.

NEW BUSINESS: Edify Centre offering mental health services and education in Orangeville

April 17, 2019

Everyone has mental health.

It’s the status of that health that’s important, and now there’s a place in Orangeville to learn more about it.

Unimaginable darkness: Mental health professional shares what's it's like to suffer from depression, suicide

September 20, 2020

In Canada, more than 4,000 people die from suicide every year — an average of 11 people each day. Sonia McDonald thinks that number is likely much higher.

Suicide stigma needs to end

December 31, 2013

The word tends to scare people off from discussing the topic, but Sonia McDonald and her team are looking to change that

Mental Health Monday Clips from Orangeville Radio

MHM CLIP 1Sonia McDonald
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