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Meet our team


Sonia McDonald

Team Leader

CYW, CYC cert.

Sonia is a Certified Child and Youth Counsellor with many years experience working in the Mental Heath field. She has worked extensively with youth and families in all areas of Mental Health.  Her expertise lies in Suicide intervention and program development. As a mental health advocate, her dream was to create a hub that allowed for a 'no wrong door' policy; a space where well rounded services are offered and everyone is welcome. Creating awareness about Mental Health and Suicide along with creating community connections has always been her passion. 

...and here we are ....The Edify Centre! 


Brian McFadden

Head Coach

Brian is our Head Coach and partner at The Centre. He contributes a wide range of skills and experiences to this role that help others everyday.  From coaching in the Physical Focus Program, to creating Community Partnerships to assisting with Mental Health workshops, Brian is able to create balance and a positive outlook for everyone. He is a strong believer in creating good healthy habits that will in turn help people overcome the challenges they face in everyday life.


Paul Charbonneau

Counsellor, RSSW

Manager of Mental Health Operations

With a strength based, positive approach to counselling, Paul brings a skillset that will provide you with coping strategies, for anxiety and depression, stress, worry, self confidence and addictions challenges. Paul helps to break the stigma that guys must be tough and rugged by providing a safe and confidential environment to speak freely and openly.


Robyn Fetter

Counsellor, RSSW

Robyn is a SSW working towards her Psychology degree and Masters in Psychotherapy.  For the past 6 years, she has worked  in the developmental services field addressing the diverse needs of individuals living with ASD.

Her goal at Edify is to provide a welcoming, safe, non-judgemental space and support people through personal growth and healing.  She is very passionate about mental health and promoting healthy change at every level.


Mike Roesch


Mike has been a long time supporter and friend of The Edify Centre.  He is a fantastic boxing coach with a passion to teach new skills to anyone who gets in the ring.  He is not only a coach, he has a understanding of Mental Health Concerns and has been certified in Suicide Alertness since 2017


Lacey Fogden

Counsellor, RSSW

“Hi, my name is Lacey and I started my journey towards helping others heal when I found that my passion lies in mental health and wellness. I have been privileged to work with children with intellectual disabilities and adults living with different dual diagnosis, young people in a residential living environment and now my journey begins at The Edify Centre. My hope is that I can help people heal and grow in a safe, non-judgemental environment through one-on-one counselling.
I hope to see you soon!” 

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