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Take care of your physical health while working from home

Working from home for long periods of time can take a physical toll on anyone. We all thought tat being able to work from home would be a transition but many of us did not expect that it would come with a burden to our physical health.

Are you feeling achy? Sore muscles? Stiff joints? If these are uncommon to you, it’s not likely your age; It’s this self-isolation we are all experiencing.

We are hearing from many people about their mental health struggles and often the physical struggles have also become evident.

We are all doing lots of sitting for long periods of time. Even as we work on blogs and articles, we can be suffering. Getting stiff, sore joints, eye strain and back pain can be credited to this new normal.

There are a few simple things you can do to feel better and keep the focus you need to get your work done

· Get up often. Even if it is simply to stand up, turn around, look out the window and sit back down

· Take the opportunity to stand at the counter if you have a quick task to complete on your laptop. Standing while working has proven to allow for better blood and oxygen flow that will in turn help you concentrate

· Stretch. Just stretch wherever you are sitting. Flex your toes, raise your heels, reach your arms above your head, turn your body…

· Take quick walks. Quick laps around the house will do the trick. If you were at work, you would likely go to the lunchroom at least once per day as well as maybe walk to the copier.

· Now…while you are taking quick laps, go through the kitchen, get yourself some water! Water will increase brain clarity and energy in a matter of minutes

· Take sufficient breaks in your day. Working from home is not the same as being in the office. Your productivity will be higher if you take breaks when you need them. We are all looking at a new way of working right now and we must take care of our physical health

· Adjust the blue light filter on all of your screens. This will reduce eye strain. Also try to avoid screen time while in a dark room. It’s not dark in your office, you shouldn’t have to suffer the eye strain at home.

· Make an attempt at doing some form of physical activity at least every other day. This could be a quick workout in your living room using a video on-line, a 15-20 minute walk or even a long casual stroll. If you get your body moving, your muscle memory will get you back on track.

We are all in this together and many of us are experiencing the physical stress of limited movement. All you can do is do your best and be ok with whatever that looks like.

Stay healthy everyone!

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