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Our One of a kind approach to supporting those with Mental Health challenges is our F;ghter 30/30 program.  This program offers 30 minutes of Boxing and 30 minutes of Counselling in one hour.  The Physical focus and energy release of 30 minutes of private boxing session with your coach makes for a calm and focused mindset during a 30 minute counselling session.  The goal of this program is to provide consistency, accountability, develop coping skills, set goals and create positive energy. 


1:1, thirty minute boxing sessions with a certified Coach. Recreational Athletes often connect with a coach at a unique level that only can happen in a gym environment where their level of comfort and confidence allows them to gain focus on life issues


Hoop Flow 30/30

A *spin* on our F;ghter 30/30 program - Hoop Flow 30/30. In this program, the participants will learn to build confidence through movement meditation & creative expression through the use of flow arts such as hula hooping.


Small Group Sessions

Working together towards a common goal can be empowering and create a feeling of safety and challenge in a boxing environment. Our thirty minute small group boxing sessions are designed to promote strength through learning together while working towards achieving your personal goals.


Women's Strength Group

Physical activity and social connection can impact our health in many ways. The Women's Strength group focuses on improving physical and mental well-being through our ongoing 1 hour boxing program. Gaining strength through exercise is an excellent way to connect mind, body and community.

Physical Focus Program

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