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Cabin Fever is a 'thing' right now

It’s not tool late to take a look at new routines and fresh approaches to find a way to combat cabin fever. No, not a psychological term per say but, here is the definition: Cabin fever refers to the claustrophobic irritability or restlessness experienced when a person, or group, is stuck at an isolated location or in confined quarters for an extended period of time.

Yep…that sounds about right!!

This is our reality right now. It has been weeks and maybe some of your systems at home are working great and maybe you need some new ideas. Here are 3 ideas that may help bring everyone in your home together to get things back on track.

1- Family meeting/ Family contract

Bring everyone together for a time to talk about how self-isolation is affecting the household and how everyone is feeling. Start with some of these questions: -What have the major challenges been? -What have been some highlights? Some fun times you have had in the last few weeks -What are the roles in the house that everyone expects to play, or feel is expected of them -What are the strengths each person brings to the table? What are you offering during this time?

After a good discussion, talk about tasks, responsibilities, basic necessities and moving forward. This conversation may include a new schedule, set routines, chores and rules. It will be much easier to discuss the hard stuff after everyone in the room feels heard.

2-Stick to a routine-not a regiment

We realize that you have likely heard this approach before. Maybe you haven’t hear why it can be so important. Routines can create a sense of safety and security as our brains are wired to do repeated tasks and activities on a daily basis. Having the simplest of routines can dramatically reduce a sense of anxiety. Right now, routines can be flexible and even fun. Every home’s routines will look different but you can have some fun building them together. Easy things can qualify as a routine: Getting dressed before 10am, limiting tv time, daily family movie time, pre planning dinner prep & cooking responsibilities, specific on-line gaming hours, designated school/academic work time…

3- Create “areas” in your home

This may seem strange but creating zones or specific areas in your home can really help keep routines and reduce that ‘Cabin Fever’ Feeling. -Office or desk somewhere can be the ‘Work Area’ -Kitchen or dining room can be a ‘school zone’ -There should be a ‘chill out space’ for anyone who is needing some downtime or a place to spend family time -Bedrooms should be designated as alone time and sleeping area -If you are home doing crafts or projects, designate an area for that…and leave supplies out.

When we create different areas in the home, everyone can feel like they are doing different things in different areas of the house. This can really help with a sense of momentum and a concept of time. It will also allow for some space from each other while still being together.

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